Voice of the Ancestors - Maria Cecilia Montero
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My great-grandmother Jacinta told me that the day would come when I would bring the sound of her heart and her tradition to the peoples of the world. She said that the sound would carry the blessings of the grandmothers and the grandfathers of our tradition and, if people would open their hearts, they would feel the love of our Sun. Jacinta told me that she and I were “carriers of sound.” She said that our lives, our deaths, and our eternal beings were dedicated to carrying the sound of the lnca tradition…. The time has come for me to bring forth the sound of my great-grandmother Jacinta, lnca Elder. It is the sound of my Peruvian ancestors and the Elders of the lnca Tradition of all times. My prayer sounds, woven into the chapters of this book, represents the movement of Pachamama, mother Earth, and lnti, the Sun, as they come together and apart. They are here to guide your inner process to help you remember your holiness and wisdom and harmonize with all aspects of yourself.

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