Sai Baba Speaks of Jesus - Luc J. Courtois
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For ages the authority to speak of Jesus has been the monopoly of the Churches. They claimed to be the legitimate heir of Jesus and the sole authority on the interpretation of His.message. Since the nineteenth century critical scientific researchers have challenged this authority. In the present times Sai Baba has drawn a surprising, dumbfoulding and refreshing new image of the man of Nazareth. The vision of Sai Baba transcends all Churches. Is Jesus Christ the one and unique universal redeemer of mankind? How can such an affirmation be compatible with a multitude of religions and sects who all claim the truth? In this book the vision of Sai Baba on Jesus is exposed and distilled from his many utterances. The global image resulting from this sparkling new approach will have a profound impact on all Christian Churches. Nobody can remain indifferent any longer and every religious instance will be compelled to answer. The impact of Sai Baba on Christianity and all Churches will be greater than the shock provoked by Lutherís ninety five theses, will arouse a greater interest in Jesusí teachings than John Bunyanís Pilgrims Progress and inspire even greater honest searchers of spirituality than Thomas a Kempisí Imitatitio Christi.

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