Journey into Forever - Kiara Windrider
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This book is an attempt to weave scientific and mystical truths together into a new vision of humanityís evolution. In a world that seems to be dominated by confusion and chaos, it is impossible not to be aware that we have become an endangered species on an increasingly endangered planet. What choices do we have? Imagine being trapped on an unknown shore, steep unscalable cliff behind, facing an ominously rising tide of tsunami proportions. Do we stick our head in the sand pretending itís just a bad dream? Do we give ourselves up to drown in despair? Do we break our heads against the rocks of regret and blame? Do we frantically make our last prayers? Or do we accept the challenge of the wild ocean, find the place of our deep strength, and seek a way out that we havenít yet seen? There is increasing evidence, based on worldwide scientific research, that huge climate changes are coming. Ancient mythologies, calendar systems, and prophecies from many different traditions provide clues to what this might look like and how we might respond. The year 2012 AD seems to be a critical date in this exploration. Signifying the end date of the Mayan calendar, it represents many things to many people. Some see this as the end of time, others talk about the birthing of a golden age. For some it represents a new stage of evolution, for others it is the prelude to global catastrophe.

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