You Are What You Eat - Sandra Heber - Percy
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Sages say, “You are what you eat.” Being endowed with divine energy, food plays a vital role in our spiritual progress. When we consume pure and simple food, it helps us in our effort and determination to understand and experience who we are. The type of food we eat determines the kind of thoughts we have. The mind is actually a food bundle: our prevalent guna (nature) is determined by the food we eat. The mind has the capacity to leak out. If it succeeds in escaping our firm grip, it will pull us down into the jungle of sense instincts and tear us to pieces. To keep the mind in check we are to take steps on the everlasting and steep path of discrimination and dispassion. The Ayurvedic approach is linked to the wisdom of the sages and we must analyze why certain Indian recipes are the real medicine for our body and mind, so that we may also easily keep our senses in check. The Italian Mediterranean diet was considered the best all over the world, and in this book the two flags are united to alternate a mild Western flavour addiction to a holistic diet.

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