Sai Gayathri - Volume IV - Mr. Mrs. Devadas Bagoo Menon
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In all the multifareous, multifaceted levels of Beingness or Isness connected with all beings (in all etheric levels), Siva Sakthi levels are there. Since all these levels are connected with moments getting connected and disconnected all the time based on time levels, it is really difficult to explain without using Sanskrit words and calculations, something called Siva Sakthi. In this book, a minimum .of Sanskrit words and calculations are used. Connected with all the cosmic levels and in Brahma, Brahman, Brahmam, Parabrahma, Poornabrahma, Atma, Jivatma, Paramatma, Sandhyas, directional Gods, totality of frequencies and channels and in all the non-frequency, non-channel levels, Siva Sakthi cosmic dances happen simultaneously. Those reflective, deflective levels, without a second in all time levels, are humbly tried to be explained in this book. There are a lot of wrong conceptions based on behaviour patterns of positive and negative and all their combinations. These levels can be explained only by viewing beyond the neutral levels.

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