Gita Govindam Again! Part I - Vasantha Sai
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“Rasaleela was performed on cool full moon nights in Brindavan but here at Mukthi Nilayam it was danced under the midday sun! Each Gopi had her own Krishna; a Gopi, a Krishna, a Gopi, a Krishna, like this they all joined hands and danced! In the Sathya Yuga, Swami said that every woman will be Radha and every man, Krishna. Sathya and Prema will join hands and dance the Rasaleela. It will be bliss every moment. The entire world will become Brindavan. Everyone’s life will be Rasaleela. Since all will have known Raja Vidya, the Supreme knowledge of the Oneness of the moon and sun, they will have the bliss of Rasaleela. Here, senses do not have any work, bliss is felt only through feelings.”

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