Prema Sai Prema Avatar Part I - Vasantha Sai
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This is Sathya Yuga, the Yuga of Prema. The name of the Lord is Prema Sai. His wife’s name is Prema. Theirs will be a Prema world without any trace of hatred, enmity or evil. We are waiting for this. Usually, the history of the Avatar is recorded only after the advent. I am writing the Prema Sai story and all the details of His family before His coming. Swami said, “Due to your supreme chastity you are able to know all this, you are revealing to the world the supreme wisdom, you are pulling truth from the Source about the secrets of creation and the advent of an Avatar.” Thinking only about God, I connected every feeling that arose in me with Him. I am living only for Him with the intense thirst of attaining Him. Since God has come in a human form, I am living every moment only for Him. I am yearning and crying for Swami. My Runa Bhandha is only with Him. Bound by this debt, He is coming again as an Avatar to repay it. He is going to experience each feeling that I experience. My life has made God Himself a debtor. With Love Vasantha Sai

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