The Bhagavad Gita For Daily Living Vol - 2 - Eknath Easwaran
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India`s timeless and most practical scripture, set on a battlefield in mythic war between good and evil, has a practical appeal for modern times. It is a practical manual for everyone who aims at goodness in the world of conflict and change. This verse-by-verse translation and commentary illustrates Gita`s lofty insight with everyday events and contemporary problems familiar to all of us. The first volume of The Bhagavad Gifa For Daily Living concentrates on the individual: the nature of our innermost Self, how it can be discovered in the depths of consciousness, and how this discovery transforms daily living. The introduction outlines Eknath Easwaran`s eight-point program and includes full instructions on how to meditate. The second volume builds bridge between scientific knowledge and spiritual understanding by the indivisible unity governing all creation. Easwaran illustrates the steps we can take to realise this unity and heal divisions within society and in ourselves. The third volume is global in scope but its emphasis is on individuals: what you and I can do. Easwaran presents life as a field where actions and desires are sown like seeds, which germinate, grow and yield fruit that eventually scatters more seeds. This vast network of cause and effect is what is meant by the Sanskrit word Karma, and Easwaran offers many examples to illustrate its immense reach “how everyday choices, taken together, can lead a society to violence and waste or to a higherway of living.”

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