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The original Sanskrit text of the Panchatantra was probably written about 200 B.C. by the great scholar, Vishnu Sharma. But some of the tales must have been in circulation much earlier. In course of time, travelers took these tales with them to Persia and Arabia and finally, through Greece, they reached Europe. So far the Panchatantra has been translated into 50 or more languages of the world. How the tales of the Panchatantra came to be told is itself an interesting story. A king, in ancient India, could not find a teacher who could make his three sons interested in the pursuit of knowledge. At last he found in Vishnu Sharma the teacher he was looking for-the teacher who could make knowledge palatable to his sons. The study of the theories of philosophy, psychology and statecraft became engrossing when Vishnu Sharma drove the moral home through the escapades of talking animals. The morals, which the Panchatantra seeks to teach, continue to be relevant to this day and the stories themselves have not lost their newness even two thousand years after they were first told.

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