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Birbal had the rare distinction of achieving immense popularity during his lifetime, next only to that of Akbar. His sharp intellect saw him rise to a prominent position as a minister in the court of Akbar. He was a fair administrator, a brave soldier and, perhaps what pleased Akbar the most, a good jester. The wit and wisdom of Birbal had endeared him not to Akbar, but also to a vast majority of the subjects of the Mughal Empire. His phenomenal success made many courtiers jealous and, if popular accounts are to be believed, they were every busy plotting against him. The Amar Chitra Katha narrates some incidents of Birbalís sense of justice and fair play. He solved the commonerís problems using wisdom and ingenuity at times, and wile and cunning at others. Perhaps one of the most famous of Birbalís exploits is that described in ĎBirbalís Khichdi.Ē

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