Vishu (Malayalam New Year)

Vishu is the New Year’s Day of the Keralites (people from the South Indian state of Kerala), which usually falls around 14th or 15th of April every year.

This being a very sacred day for the Keralites, thousands of Malayalam-speaking devotees converge at the lotus feet to immerse themselves in the bliss of His Divine Presence. Traditionally, Keralites celebrate this festival with the most auspicious sight or ‘Kani’ at the most auspicious time on the morning of the festival day. In the past few years, the Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Kerala has been organizing a ‘Sadhana Camp’ (Spiritual Retreat) in the Divine Presence where thousands of youth from all over the state of Kerala gather at the Divine Lotus Feet and Bhagawan profusely blessed the Youth with Divine Discourses and benediction