TIMELORD - From a Student Talk, Summer course, 1995
This happened in 1976. In Bhagavan's dining hall in the old bungalow in Brindavan, there was a new clock, which had just arrived from the U.S.. This was a different clock. There were no hands or numbers on it, but if you asked the time, it would show the time.

There was a famous doctor at the time, working at the Victoria Hospital, called Narsappa, he used to come to check Swami's blood pressure every night. After the doctor finished his blood pressure measurement, Swami drew his attention to this new clock from the U.S., 

“Narsappa, did you notice the clock?”
“No Swami.”
“It has come from the U.S., it has no hands or figures, but if you go to the clock and ask the time, it will show you the time.”

So the doctor went up to the clock and asked softly, “Time estu'?” (What is the time? - in Kannada! A South Indian language). The clock didn't respond. He looked at Bhagavan Swami said, “Ask again”. The doctor said “Timistu?” And again the clock didn't show the time. Then Swami said, “That is not the way,” and called a student and said, “Go and ask the time”. The student went up to the clock and said, “What is the time?” And it promptly showed 7pm.

Swami with a mischievous smile said, “Doctor, you are so learned, you have so many accomplishments to your credit. But you lack common sense. I just told you that this clock has come from the U.S. It doesn't know Kannada! (A South Indian language)”

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