What is 'e-greetings'?
E-greetings is an e-greetings card you could send to your loved ones on any special Occasion, be it your Mom’s birthday or Wedding Anniversary or on a Special Sai Occasion.
Is it free?
The cards are absolutely FREE.  You can send all the cards displayed to your intended recipients without paying anything.
How do I send an e-greeting card to my friend?

Sending these cards are simple, just follow the below steps.

  1. Enter the name of the person whom you intend to send this card.
  2. Enter his or her email Id to which you want to send it.
  3. Enter your name and email in the allotted boxes.
  4. IMPORTANT: Use the message box to include your heartfelt message to the receiver.
  5. Preview the Card before you send.
  6. Edit, if you want to make any changes to your entered information or click on 'SEND' to send it to your loved one.
  7. you may save the Card ID for future reference.
Address Book
You can save all your important email addresses here and retrieve whenever you desire. It is free.
What is the use of Email Address Book?
You don’t have to refer your digital diary for email addresses any more. Save all your friends and other loved ones email addresses here and send e-greeting cards whenever you desire.
What is individual email list?
This is where you save each email address separately and send email to the intended person.
What is group email list?
You can save many email addresses and send any e-greetings to more than one recipient at the same time by just selecting the group name, without having to enter emails of all the intended recipients each time.
How do I add email address into address book?
Go to Add new email Address
How do I edit existing email address?
Go to Edit email Address
What is 'Add checked' to Address recipient box?
You will find a check box to the left of your saved email addresses in the address book.
By checking this box you would be selecting the recipient.
The recipient’s name and email address would be automatically fed into the relevant boxes by checking in the chosen box.
Photo Gallery
This photo gallery contains HTML downloadable slideshows which can be saved and executed on your computer within seconds. TRY THIS OUT!
What is HTML Slideshow?
HTML Slideshow is an interactive slideshow with Swami’s various photographs in it. These are saved in HTML executable format to ensure the downloading time is minimum.
How do I run this Slideshow?
  1. Click on the provided link for downloading the slideshow.
  2. Save it into your computer or view from current location.
  3. You will observe that a notice appears if you select 'Run from its current location'. Say 'yes' to run the slideshow on your computer.
  4. You are welcomed as 'Welcome to Puttaparthi.info slideshow’.
  5. Click on 'Start' to run the show and 'Cancel' to cancel and return to Puttaparthi.info.
Desktop themes
How do I set an e-greeting card as my desktop background?
Follow the simple two steps below.
  1. Right click on you mouse.
  2. Click on “Set as wallpaper
Screen saver
How do I set this screen saver onto my desktop?
Click on the download link and save into your computer.