Divine Discourse on 2nd June 2003 at Brindavan

Maanam Hithwa Priyo Bhavathi

Krotham Hithwa Na Sochathi

Lobham Hithwa

Embodiments of Divine Love,

A person with ego and pride is not liked even by his own wife and mother. A person with anger is hated by his own heart. A person who has conquered greed is filled with all kind of happiness.

Embodiments of Love, today we find unrest, lack of peace and unrighteousness among people of all walks of life. Wherever you turn your attention in the world you find only misery, unrest and grief. We find unrest among people in material, religious and spiritual fields. Wherever man goes he is haunted by fear. In the present day world you cannot find a person without fear of any kind. What is the cause of such fear that is so widely prevalent? It is only arising out of one’s own shortcomings.

Embodiments of Love, if you want to overcome this fear you have to develop a sense of courage and spirit of divinity. Fear is emerging from within every person. One is haunted by fear at home, in the office, in the college or in the bazaar. Can you find a place where you can dwell without fear? It is only in a temple where there is love of God and you can be without fear. “Man has conquered everything but he has not conquered himself.” The little boy Prahalada was full of courage and had not trace of fear at all and he taught even his parents boldly. But today man is not able to get over the haunt of fear. The former British Prime Minister Churchil also said this. The youth and old are found to be haunted by fear even though there is great scope for developing courage and sense of adventure. If we want to get rid of fear we have to develop courage and sense of daring action. This is possible only when you turn to have faith and devotion to God.

Students, boys and girls, you have to face the world with courage. When you cultivate devotion to God with the Divine Grace you can face the challenge of the world with confidence and courage. “Life is a challenge, face it. Life is a game, play it. Life is Awareness, meet it”. We have to mobilize our courage for facing the challenges of life. Because of lack of this courage you are haunted by fear wherever you go. You have to face all the challenges in the world and get on. Education has to be considered as a valuable acquisition. Education confers humility, confers deservedness which in turn gives you wealth and true wealth will bring you material and spiritual satisfaction when you do charity to needy. Education does not mean mere literacy. What is Education (Vidya)? Vidya helps us to achieve liberation. The acquisition of knowledge, which will liberate you is real education (Vidya). In the modern times we have to lead our lives with sense of courage wherever you go. One should not falter in his effort to foster this courage. One has to face all types of challenges and achieve success in life, but today many fail to achieve success in some fields.

People are studying many texts, acquire scholarship and meet with success in many fields. When the great Emperor Janaka was presiding over an assembly of several great scholars and seers, one great saint entered the hall. At the very sight of this person, the learned scholar, all pandits burst into laughter. The person who entered the hall, on seeing the pandits laughing, started laughing to the extent of out beating them in laughter. That person was none other than the great saint Ashtavakra. The pandits and scholars in the assembly laughed only on seeing the physical form of the great Saint. Ashtavakra pat spoke to these people thus: “Oh pandits you started laughing at the crooked shape of my body (Ashta Vakra means ‘Eight bends’ in the body). This is due to the crookedness of your minds. You should first master your minds true to the saying “Master your mind and be a mastermind”, only when you master your mind; you will be fit to pass any comments or behave in the manner you did.

One pandit told Ashtavakra “As your body has Eight bends true to your name, we were naturally provoked to laugh. Tell us why you are laughing.” Ashtavakra replies “I thought that this is an assembly of great scholars and pandits par excellence. But I find no true scholar here. All appear to be mere cobblers.” On hearing this insulting remark, the scholars got angry. They asked Ashtavakra “Cobblers are only those that make sandals and slippers for footwear out of the skin of carcass. We are scholars. How can you equate us to cobblers?” Janaka did not even blink his eyes. He was absolutely undisturbed and watched the goings on with keen attention. He was asking who had given up all attachments and was doing his duty without aspiring for any sort of reward. Ashtavakra said “I do not find any true pandit in this assembly A pandit is one who sees all being equally (PANDITHAHA SAMADARSANAHA) maintaining equanimity of mind.” Janaka applauded the remarks of Ashtavakra and said “Oh Sage Ashtavakra, you are perfectly right. There is no one in this assembly who is equal minded and treats all equally. The mark of education and scholarship is equal mindedness and adherence to Truth. We are indeed very fortunate to have the presence of such a noble person of high caliber of knowledge in this assembly.” Finally, many questions were put to Ashtavakra. Today’s knowledge in the field of education is only bookish and superficial knowledge. This is of no use in practical life. You should acquire practical knowledge. There is no fragrance in the knowledge attained. Today’s students acquire first rank and score high marks in the examinations. To the question “In which field you have excelled to high rank. The answer is disappointing. Janaka was a great scholar and also practiced righteous conduct and truth in his reign over the kingdom. Ashtavakra gave good advice of wisdom to the assembly. Such sorts of scholars, rulers and students are not be seen in modern times. In today’s education the characteristics expected of a scholar are conspicuous by their absence. Education has to foster good character. Otherwise it is a waste. God is adored as pure, eternal, steady, unchanging and blissful. The aim of education should be to acquire good qualities. What is the type of education you are having today. It is not education in true sense of the term. With this type of shallow education if you enter into an assembly it will be shameful.

It is for social welfare and uphold the human values, one should study. Such education is not to be seen. There are some good students. The type of education which helps one to achieve liberation is the one that you should aspire for.

What is it you are learning in school now. Ba Ba – Black Sheep. Do you want to become black sheep? This is not what you have to learn. You have to learn about God. You have to acquire courage and good character through education. True power of strength comes from the heart. Developing this power is essential.

Students, today’s education is crooked. Ashtavakra had only crooked body, you are having crooked minds. To get rid of this, should be the aim of your education. Even the bookish knowledge you acquire is not learnt properly. There are many Ashtavakras today but you can’t find one Ashtavakra of the type that was in the court of king Janaka. Janaka was a true father. Sri Rama said motherland is greater than heaven. Janaka demonstrated the true principle of father and mother and stood out as a model to show how father and mother should conduct themselves. Mother gives character and everything. Father shows God. Brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God should be the motto, to be followed. Have a look at the ideal enshrined in this statement.

Embodiments of Love,
You have to enquire what you have studied. There is limitless education in the world today. What is the essence of this education?

Hiranyakasipu called his son Prahlada and asked him what his teachers Ghanda and Amarga taught him. He asked Prahlada to give one good quotation from what he learnt. Prahlada said “I learnt all types of knowledge comprising education from my teachers”. The father asked him to give one important thing that he learnt. Prahlada said “The essence of all knowledge is Om Namo Narayanaya”. Hiranyakasipu got enraged on hearing this. He said “you should not utter or listen to the name Narayana”. So saying, he threw him out. Father got angry on hearing the essence of education from his son. This sort of hatred is even now prevalent regarding spiritual education. There is no love or sympathy in today’s education. There is no trace of love. How can love develop in such a state of affairs?

Students, you are all studying. Your education should be imprinted in your hearts. In ancient times, even though they did not have formal education, the parents used to give good counsel to their children. Even illiterate mothers used to give good advice to their wards. Are you learning at least a little of these counsels of good advice today? First of all you should learn to think of God, worship Him, pray to God, sing His glory and live with God and get His Grace. This is the essence of true Education.

We have to teach students this type of Education. Even Churchill, former British Prime Minister said “What is the use of all education if you cannot understand yourself”. First you must know yourself, know thyself first.

In olden days they used to say “When the cock crows at dawn get up from sleep, have a wash, change clothes eat moderate food have limited aspiration, study your lessons with concentration, gain admiration of your teacher, do not walk in down trodden path, play during the play time and thus you will maintain the treasure of good health. Parents of those days used to teach great lessons. We have to learn such good practice from the parents and elders and not from books alone. Today you go to school to learn education. They use the word “Badi” (in telugu) for school. But the same word is also used to indicate the device to control the bulbs that go out of control of yokes. A school should have regulation for discipline. You go to school and come back home without learning anything.

First of all you must learn contemplation on god (Daiva Chintana). You should learn the meaning of “Hari” or God. When you chant the Name of Hari you will gain all sorts of true knowledge. Without learning this, your learning many other things is of no use.
Students, you need not have to learn new education. There are many new things in the ancient type of Education. Even illiterate people learn many things. There is nothing new in today’s education. You are in hold of many foolish useless types of books. You have many big voluminous books which only appear to be useful as pillows. You have to learn wisdom.
Students, you are not making efforts to learn true education but only study some things to eke out your livelihood. There were many illiterate waver in past but full of essential knowledge. But, today’s students acquire lot of learning from books but they lack in knowledge essential for life. It is very important that you should practice the sacred path in your daily life.

There is no use of your education if your behaviour is reprehensible.

No body can change your fate. We have to set right our thinking in mind only when our thoughts and understanding are good our actions and behaviour will be good. Without setting right our minds there will be no use of education. We should have independent thinking and avoid imitating others. From today you students should aspire to develop good character and foster good behaviour. The end of education is character and without this any type of education however admired will be a waste .Every student should shine like a parrot of good upbringing. The words of students should be pure and wise and sound sweet as those of parrot. It is difficult to put the tongue to proper use, only by control of tongue you can pronounce. You have to first learn to pronounce the words correctly with your tongue. You have to develop the right method of controlling the tongue. One who looked upon as a great warrior, Aswatthama was a son of great teacher and full of valour but he had no character. His head was chopped and crest jewel was held by Hanunan. Hanuman had this crest jewel of Aswatthama in his hand which served as a great protector of infinite potency. He thought it gave him infinite power. This was one given by Sita to Hanuman which enhanced Hanuman’s indomitable strength. Such a gem cannot be seen now. (Incidentally, Bhagavan mentioned that He materialized this and showed to students in Kodaikanal recently). Now what you need is ‘gem’ of character.

When Rama was crowned, at the time of His coronation wanted to give rewards to many. Sita said Hanuman with his valour, destroyed several demons and city of Lanka and asked what reward He was going to give to Hanuman who was responsible for finding her in Lanka and playing great role in the war against demons. Rama said “Sita, Hanuman would not like any reward. I know what He wants and I shall give”. Sita gave Hanuman a pearl necklace given by Janaka. Hanuman threw the pearls away one by one as it had no name of Rama in it. Rama got up and hugged Hanuman and said “I know you and Me are inseparable. This will be everlasting”. Hanuman was overjoyed. He said “There is nothing else I want. What more can I ask for when you yourself have given this great chance of binding yourself to me. I am not interested in any type of wealth your Name is only treasure your form is my wealth. I do not want anything else.” Sita was also happy.

Long time ago, it was Birthday of Sri Rama. Kausalya distributed sweets to all. She invited many persons for the function. Kausalya applied Sindhoora to Sita. They both (Sita and Rama) went into room. Hanuman wanted to enter the room as it was a secret and he had no right to enter. But Hanuman got angry and went to the Bazaar and bought a lot of Sindhoor and put on his face in plenty and exclaimed “When Sita with little Sindhoor can have right to enter Rama’s room why not I with so much of Sindhoor?” There was sacredness in such sort of feeling of devotion. There were many sacred ideals in ancient days. We think the present is better. Past is past. Do not lose present. On the other hand we find those days so many auspicious sacred and better things prevailed and people were happy. Whatever you have got today you have to maintain. Sita taught many things to Hanuman. One day Kausalya said My son is Rama. Anjani’s son is Hanuman who crossed the ocean. Who was the other person, her son swallowed the ocean. Kausalya was happy. Rama told Kausalya “Mother of great sage and mother of Hanuman got their fame through my Name.” All sacred things were told on that day. Mothers were great. They used to spell the name of their sons. Today mothers neither spell their son’s names nor are the sons powerful doing sacred deeds.
Many children do not respect mother’s name. Rama said “My mother Kausalya and my motherland are greater than heaven.

One day Easwaramma was invited to participate in Swami’s Birthday festival. She was happy and came to My room by walk from village and stayed at my doorsteps saying “I could walk only up to the room but unable to enter the room. On hearing this Venkamma said I shall hold your hands, please walk. She said “Swami will protect me, no one else need can help”.
In Brindavan, during Summer Course she had breakfast and cried “Swami, Swami, Swami” three times. I came down and gave her water. She breathed her last very easily. Who can pass away with such ease? All these connected with this body had such experience, Venkamma Raju also passed away likewise. He came to me when I had lot of people waiting. He said “I am a poor man. Such a rich son as you was born to me. Today I am going. After 10 days, use this for bringing rice and distributing to poor on the 10t1i day after my demise”. Father and mother are God. There is no enemy worse than anger. No happiness other than contentment. Both parents were generous in charity. Easwaranima used to get some rice and give to women, who were asking for it.

They did not have much money. Grandfather of this body Kondamma Raja was also of very charitable disposition. He did not have much wealth to boast. I do not want any wealth. Pcdda Venkama Raju and Chinna Venkamma Raju can take everything. I do not want anything. This small shop is nice. I want only one thing”. He said “Give me only Sathya. I will have complete satisfaction”. At that time I was very small. At the age of nine, I used to run to Bukkapatnam and return running. Grandfather will call me only “Sathya”. All others used to call me “Raju”. In the evening grandfather will ask me to prepare Rasam for a sick person. That was treated as medicine for fever.

I used to do all help to my grandfather Kondamma Raju. Swami was pretending to sleep. He also slept. He was listening to breathing of Swami which sounded as “Om”. He wanted to celebrate. He said “I have heard your breath producing the sound “Om”. All others in my family enjoyed good relationship. Kondama Raju had some money left from earning of his small business. He wanted me to distribute the coins to the poor after his death. They had such sacred ideas in those days. All the people in the family were of charitable disposition. Even Janakiramaiah used to shout but he was also doing good to others. All had sacrificial thoughts “Everything is created from Truth and merges in Truth. Truth is the great thing. It is enough if you have it”. (Telugu poem). Before passing away Kondamma Raju had a blanket. He said “You and I only should know. You are God. I know”. Every morning he used to come from village. I used to have a blanket covering me. I would pretend to sleep. He used to lift the blanket and touch my feet and go away. He asked me to give money to others after his death. He called Easwaramma and asked her to prepare “Obbattu” (a delicious dish he very much liked). He said “I shall pass away tomorrow”. Easwaramma asked “You are quite healthy. Why do you say you will pass away”. He replied “Swami told me that tomorrow is my last day. So do as I say”. She prepared the dish. Kodama Raju asked me to take. I refused to take. He said “1 am 112 years old and I have never fed you. Today I want to feed you with my hands”. He put it in my mouth. It was neither in his hand nor in my mouth” Easwaramma, who was watching wondered where it went. Kondama Raju said “Swami’s leelas are many. This is just one more . He had a peaceful death. As a matter of fact, all members of this family had such peaceful end. All members of this family also used to feed others even though they did not have affluent possessions. It was such an ideal family. That is why I am now making mention of the family. Everyone of you must try to become member of such ideal families.

It is my desire that all of you should blossom into noble ones. Try to help others to the best of your ability and strength. Feed other needy persons freely. Help them to get good education. I am here to help you always whenever needed. There is no other charity better and holier than the charity of giving food. (Annadhaana).

There is no God other than Truth.
There is no virtue greater than character.
There is no dharma higher than compassion.
There is no better acquisition than good company. There is no enemy worse than anger.
There is nothing more miserable than infamy. There is nothing more valuable than reputation. There is no wealth greater than contentment.
There is nothing more powerful than contemplation of God.

(Telugu Poem)

Contemplation of God (Daiva Chinthana) is the greatest Sadhana.
You have to give utmost satisfaction to your parents. You have to consider it a bounden duty to give water to your parents at the time of their passing away. You have to touch their feet and pay obeisance to them every day. Being born as son or daughter to them, you have to do your duty and show your respects to your parents. Then only you will attain fulfillment in life. Even when you are not seeing your parents physically, you have to feel that they are observing you. After their departure from the world, you should perform rites of Tharpanam and Sraadhaa to them. (ceremony in memory of the parents). You need not even do the formal ritual of getting a Brahman and feeding him, but you should shed tears of gratitude. The remembrance of your parents with gratitude is the most important thing that you should not fail to do. This is the greatest act of Punya (Merit).

Blessing you all to continue to show such meaningful and heartfelt expression of gratitude and reverence to your parents and make your life meritorious Swami brings His Discourse to a close.

(Swami concluded with Bhajan “Bhajana Bina Sukha Santhi Nahin”).
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